Automation Recipes: Pre-Built Workflows

We offer 16 triggers and 26 actions in our automation builder. That means there are 7,311,616 possible automations — and that’s just for a 5-step automation!

There are near limitless possibilities for what you can build by combining actions and triggers in innovative ways. When you factor in the flexibility of webhooks and Event Tracking, you’re limited by creativity and imagination more than anything else. Continue Reading…

New Form Builder

Create Forms that Convert with
Our New Form Builder

We’ve completely rebuilt our form builder. Now, you’ll be able to easily create a variety of beautiful forms.

We’ll be rolling this update out slowly over the next few weeks. If you’d like to have your account upgraded immediately, email our support team and let them know you want your account upgraded with the form builder release. Continue Reading…

The easy marketing automation trick that improves your content marketing

Picking topics for your content can feel like guesswork… you think you’ve got a good topic your target market will probably be interested in.

Sometimes you get lucky and a piece gets tons of shares creating a tidal wave of traffic. But when the dust settles you don’t have any more leads or sales.

And then, there’s that other problem… you painstakingly craft something wonderful, something you are sure people will love. But, then, nothing. No shares, very little traffic, and not a single comment. Continue Reading…

Build an effective lead scoring system in 7 steps

Lead scoring solves an important problem… it keeps your sales team focused on only your best opportunities, so they aren’t wasting time on dead end leads.

A good lead scoring model can help you prioritise leads by:

how likely they are to purchase,
purchase size, and
purchase timeframe

… so your sales team is always focused on the hottest, biggest prospects. Continue Reading…

The new email designer

A true drag and drop experience

Drag new content into your email, resize things dynamically, drag/drop to reorder items, and resize items with a live preview.

Add rows and columns with ease

You can now add new rows and columns by simply dragging new content to the edge of any existing content. Columns can be resized by simply dragging the column to your desired width. Continue Reading…

Customisable Overview

When you login to your MailFox account you will notice a brand new overview page. It’s been redesigned to show you more information that can be personalised to fit your specific needs.

Drag & drop widgets around on the screen, add new widgets from the dock at the bottom of the page or remove widgets that you don’t need. Have a specific widget you would like to see on the overview? Let us know!

The Future of Email Marketing Software

With the addition of the Deals feature to the CRM & Automation module last year MailFox has focused on improving the system with refinements and additions to the much loved automation features. We just released a new way to manage your tags. Continue Reading…

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